McARTHUR + COMPANY provides in-depth market research and competitive assessment studies. We provide our clients with relevant market intelligence and provide strategic recommendations based on real-world supply and demand dynamics. McARTHUR + COMPANY emphasizes the commercial value of research + market assessment study for new and existing retail assets.

Design + Funcionality Advisory

Our focus is on assisting clients with the design and development process while working closely with architects to ensure design is optimised. Our process ensures the property is fit for purpose, retailer friendly, and consumer centric. For properties already in operation, we conduct an in-depth review of the retail development, focusing on layout, opportunities for maximising lease-able space and addressing operational shortcomings. This process runs in parallel with and provides the framework for the Merchandising + Leasing Advisory.

The services include:

+  Architectural Brief & Design Development Coordination
+  Layout & Efficiency Optimisation Unit Demising & Tenant Requirements
+  Visitor Journey & Experience
+  Parking Strategy
+  Common Area & BoH Planning
+  Servicing & Waste Management Strategy
+  Sustainability Strategy