McARTHUR + COMPANY provides in-depth market research and competitive assessment studies. We provide our clients with relevant market intelligence and provide strategic recommendations based on real-world supply and demand dynamics. McARTHUR + COMPANY emphasizes the commercial value of research + market assessment study for new and existing retail assets.

Mall Management + Operational Services

McARTHUR + COMPANY draws on its regional and global experience to deliver every stage of the retail asset management life cycle, both pre- and post-opening, to meet operational and commercial needs. We tailor-make an operational structure and establish customer centric teams to ensure every customer experience is a positive one. Key commercial deliverables include the development of budgets, establishment, and management of service charges, and rental revenue. Our diligent approach to cost management ensures every expenditure is measured, monitored, and managed, from utilities and consumables to operational costs.

Day-to-day operational effectiveness is maintained through robust management of facilities management, including scope creation, third-party tendering and management, KPI creation and monitoring as well as the delivery of procurement services while leveraging economies of scale through our portfolio.