Chaimaa Sabiri

Chaimaa Sabiri, a seasoned professional with a rich background in healthcare management, has dedicated the past 8 years to shaping the operations of various healthcare facilities, specialising in aesthetic clinics, plastic surgeon clinics, and wellness centres.

In her current role, Chaimaa serves as a meticulous floor manager, directly overseeing all clinic operations. Her wealth of experience ensures a seamless and exceptional experience for clients, contributing to the overall success of aesthetic clinics, plastic surgeon clinics, and wellness centres.

Her key responsibilities include:

  1. Client Interaction: Skillfully handling clinic calls, providing essential information, and creating positive impressions for clients.
  2. Booking Operations: Managing patient bookings with precision, tailoring services to individual needs.
  3. Upselling Strategies: Proficient in upselling services and cross-referring clients to enhance their overall experience.
  4. Follow-Up Initiatives: Dedicated to pre- and post-treatment follow-ups, ensuring client satisfaction and building lasting relationships.
  5. Team Management: Effectively handling team rotas, driving departmental improvements, managing supplies, and providing training as needed.
  6. Operational Excellence: Ensuring the smooth operation of the clinic floor, addressing internal and external issues, and enforcing protocols to exceed client expectations.
  7. Reports and Targets: Chaimaa is adept at generating comprehensive sales reports, analysing data meticulously, and ensuring all operational needs are met. She collaborates closely with the team to set and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly targets.
  8. Training and Meetings: Her commitment to continuous improvement is evident in her role, where she regularly organises training sessions and meetings, keeping the team updated on industry trends and fostering growth within the team and the department.
  9. Marketing Initiatives: Chaimaa is actively involved in marketing efforts, coordinating professional shoots with marketing agencies, creating monthly calendars based on treatment lists for proactive planning, and efficiently managing all social media platforms.
  10. Beauty Therapist Industry: Currently studying in the beauty therapist industry, Chaimaa is set to obtain her DHA licence in April 2024, signalling her dedication to furthering her skills and contributing actively to the field.

In summary, Chaimaa Sabiri is a dynamic professional whose multifaceted experience and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset in the aesthetics and beauty therapy industry. Her journey reflects a deep passion for healthcare and a relentless pursuit of professional growth.


  • Bachelor’s Degree In Science and Business Development



  • Certificated Training Guest Relation
  • Certificated Training Guest Services GSA
  • Certificated Training Quality Control
  • Courses Marketing, Sales, Banking, Accounting, Business Correspondence And Report Writing
  • Certificated Hospital Management

Chaimaa Sabiri

Floor Manager