Harjit Bahia

Harjit’s interest in fitness and nutrition led her to bridge the gap between medical and fitness advice, earning certifications in personal training and nutrition.

Passionate about healthcare reform, Harjit actively contributes to initiatives benefiting people in India, Africa, and the Middle East. She advocates evidence-based healthcare, emphasising the role of a food-first and lifestyle approach in preventing chronic conditions. Harjit, a cancer specialist, personal trainer, and nutritionist, promotes holistic practices for longevity.

Through her extensive research and experience, she has become a trusted figure, offering a unique perspective that integrates clinical expertise with fitness and nutrition. Harjit leads a team of experts, collectively working towards dispelling confusion, educating others for healthier living, and bridging the gap between science and health.

Harjit assumes a multifaceted role within ZOI-ME, encompassing consulting, advising, and overseeing ZOI-ME pillars. As the primary decision-maker, she leads initiatives and holds final sign-off authority. Furthermore, in her capacity as the Medical Director, her key responsibilities include:

  1. Medical Leadership: Providing strategic direction for medical programs and services.
  2. Quality Assurance: Ensuring adherence to medical standards and regulatory requirements.
  3. Collaboration: Collaborating with other departments to integrate medical strategies.
  4. Decision-Making: Making critical decisions related to medical policies and practices.
  5. Physician Coordination: Coordinating activities among medical staff and physicians.
  6. Budget Oversight: Managing budgetary aspects of medical programs and initiatives.
  7. Patient Care Improvement: Working to enhance patient care and satisfaction.
  8. Risk Management: Addressing and mitigating medical-related risks.



  • MPharm.
  • MSc Clinical Oncology.
  • Masters in Nutrition in Oncology, Level 3
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition.

Harjit Bahia

Medical Consultant